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Triumph Aviation Services Asia Ltd. stands as Triumph Product Support in Asia-Pacific region. Triumph Product Support is a business with projected $300 million in annual revenues providing full life cycle solutions for commercial, regional and military aircraft for OEMs and operators. Triumph's full suite of post- delivery value chain services simplify the MRO supply chain and provide customers with global, integrated planeside repair solutions.

The facility lies just a short drive from the new Bangkok International Airport, and it is located inside a specially designated Free Zone, which facilitates the shipment of products without need for any customs duty and only a minimum of paperwork. Indeed, trans-shipment from 'wheels down' at the airport to product 'on-the-dock' at Triumph is less than one business day.

Holding FAA, EASA and other regional certifications, our current capabilities include MRO services for thrust reversers, composite structures, wheels and brakes, and engine / airframe accessories. To this capability, we are continuously adding new repairs that mirror Triumph's global capability, with an ultimate potential to provide repair services for over 15,000 aircraft products ranging from detailed components to complex subsystems.