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About Us

Sindicatum Sustainable Resources ( Thailand ) Limited is part of the Sindicatum Sustainable Group, which is an operator of clean energy projects and a producer of sustainable resources from the utilization of natural products and waste. We provide a one stop shop solution, developing, operating, and financing projects to produce clean energy and sustainable resources (biogas, biomass, water and physical commodities) and reduce greenhouse gases, producing emissions reduction credits and other environmental commodities.

We are headquartered in Singapore with other offices located around the world, including Beijing, Bangkok, Jakarta, London, Manila, New Delhi, Taiyuan and Washington D.C.

As one of the largest cities in Asia, Bangkok produces about 9,000 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) each day, which continues to increase with economic growth. Around two-thirds of this waste is transferred to two sanitary landfill sites in Nakon Pathom Province, where our MSW-to-energy projects are located.