Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation



About Us

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation is a world leader in the design, manufacture and service of military and commercial helicopters, fixed-wing reconnaissance aircraft, spare parts and maintenance, repair and overhaul services for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, and civil helicopter operations.

Today, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. stays true to the legacy of Igor Sikorsky with a mission statement that encompasses his passion for safety and innovation: 'We pioneer flight solutions that bring people home everywhere...every time.' Sikorsky helicopters have saved an estimated 2 million lives since performing the world's first helicopter rescue in 1944.

Sikorsky has developed generations of helicopters including the proven BLACK HAWK, SEAHAWK, SEA STALLION, and SEA KING helicopters that support armed forces, law enforcement, search and rescue, and humanitarian support operations across the globe. Sikorsky has designed and built nearly half of all such helicopters currently serving with armed forces throughout the world.