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    Quantum IR Technologies (QIR) is a US corporation headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our Asian Sales and Support office is located in Bangkok, Thailand
    QIR are leaders in the software automation of realtime infrared based operations management systems in the following industries:
    Petrochemical/Oil & Gas
    Solutions reduce unplanned downtime, reduce operational risk, manage integrity and efficiency of high temperature processing units such as FCC, detect hydrocarbon and CO gas leaks, detect oil leaks and manage levels in crude and storage tanks. QIR solutions support both onshore and offshore facilities, including gas production and transmission,
    Cement Production
    Solutions improve efficiencies and extend useful life of refractory of kiln and other high temperature processes through realtime detection of thermal issues and applying automatic thermal remedies.
    Steel Manufacturing
    QIR steel solutions improve quality at all steps in steel production as well as improving efficiencies with predictive maintenance management of key processes.
    Power Generation
    QIR power generation solutions support both coal-fired and gas-fired power generation plants. Thermal management systems cover automated fire detection and control of coal movement and storage, gas leak detection and valve management, burner and boiler process efficiencies, predictive thermal maintenance management of turbines, and thermal integrity management of high-voltage switch gear.

    The majority of uses today of infrared technology rely on a visual interpretation by an operator looking at an image produced by the IR sensors. Our key competitive differentiator is our ability to apply software automation in interpreting thermal IR data, which provides automated alerts, real time process control and maintenance management for our customer facilities.

    QIR solutions are all cloud based, delivered on a monthly service fee/subscription (SaaS) basis and include assigned industry support engineers, realtime analytics and dashboards as well as local support of our high-speed IR cameras, networks and historical data servers.