PQ Chemicals (Thailand) Ltd.



About Us

PQ Chemicals (Thailand) Limited or PQCT manufactures, sells, exports and distributes zeolite, Valfor 100 for laundry detergent, and a range of specialty zeolites. PQCT is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PQ Corporation in Malvern, PA. Initially a 20,000 ton/a zeolite plant started production in 1993. This was expanded to 40,000 ton/a in 1995, and further to 60,000 ton/a in December 2005.

The PQ Corporation, one of the world's largest silicates producers, provided its latest technology and know-how for the plant. The locally produced zeolite permits detergent manufacturers to replace zeolite imports. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative for STPP, or phosphates, in powder detergents. PQ Chemicals (Thailand) Limited exports zeolites as well to various countries in the region and further afield, as far as Latin America.

PQ Chemicals (Thailand) Limited represents PQ Corporation and is 100% American owned.