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Forensic AccountingInvestigation

About Us

The experts at MDD Forensic Accountants have helped clients around the world investigate numerous suspected instances of fraud across a variety of industries. These include retail, manufacturing, insurance, financial services and many others.

Upon retaining a team of experts from our Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong or Tokyo offices,
you will find yourself working with a firm that is known for:

- Independent calculations that hold up to scrutiny. We’re ready, willing, able and do defend them in court.
- Maintaining our impartiality and always presenting unbiased findings.
- Translating complicated detail into everyday language to ensure our customers understand the facts.
- Remaining current with regulatory requirements.
- The ability to work on your assignment around the clock when needed.
- A proven track record of quality, accuracy and delivery.

To learn more, please contact Bhurima Tienwuttinun at