Kageht Ltd.



About Us

For more than twenty years, Kageht has manufactured and marketed lubricants and coolants for the metalworking industry. These include drawing lubricants, cupping lubricants, drawing and ironing lubricants for the aluminum can industry, machining coolants for the metalworking industry, and filtration products for the metalworking industry. Throughout that time we have been guided by a commitment to technology and the environment. Consequently, we are well-positioned to serve the diverse needs of our customers with pioneering products.

The first decade of the 21st century started as a period of turbulence for world economies. Subsequently, we have taken steps to strengthen the entire organization toward becoming a supplier capable of responding to the needs of our customers and the environment. We are already seeing the fruits of these efforts and are rapidly transforming our operations and structure to provide even greater benefit to our customer and suppliers.

With the rapid advance of globalization and borderless markets, we expect accelerating change in the business environment, along with increasingly sophisticated customer demand. Our entire team is committed to strengthening our capabilities and enhancing our contribution to society.