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The ICRC help people around the world affected by armed conflict and other violence, doing everything it can to protect their dignity and relieve their suffering, often with its Red Cross and Red Crescent partners. The organization also seeks to prevent hardship by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and championing universal humanitarian principle. As the authority on international humanitarian law, it helps develop this body of law and works for its implementation.
People know they can rely on the ICRC to carry out the range of life-saving activities in conflicts zones, including: supplying food, safe drinking water, sanitation and shelter; providing health care; and helping to reduce the danger of landmines and exploded ordnance. It also reunites family members separated by conflict and visit people who are detained to ensure they treated properly. The organization works closely with communities to understand and meet their needs, using its experience and expertise to respond quickly, effectively and without taking sides.

Rep/Contact Info

Operational Legal Adviser
Lorenzo Caraffi
Regional Operation Cooperation
Andrea Drury
Head of Learning Develpment
Peter Evans
Armed and Security Forces Coordinator
Dibeh Fakhr
Communication Manager
Sabine Fetta
Humanitarian Diplomacy Adviser
Stanislas Kalina
Deputy Head of Regional Delegation and Head of Su
Bruno Pommier
Deputy Head of Regional Delegation
Christoph Sutter
Head of Regional Delegation in Bangkok
Paht Tanattanawin
Deputy Advisor for Humanitarian Diplomacy