If You Can Co., Ltd.

725 20/Floor Sukhumvit Road
Klongtun Nua, Wattana,
Bangkok 10110
  • About

    If You Can Company Limited is a part of If You Can LLC. Our company is a leading software company offering a variety of solutions to complement Android Device Protection and Child Monitoring. We started with a mission to ensure that we can monitor our children’s whereabouts and digital activities to provide our children protection and wellbeing. That’s why we created the ultimate parental-control app, with location-tracking, call-recording and screen-capturing features, to become the extra eyes and ears all parents need in the digital era.
    Our products and services have been evolving since then. We envision seeing versions of our products on devices like belt buckles, watches, backpacks, etc powered by lithium polymer batteries. We also have composed a couple of new apps, such as ProtectMe (Android backup), NotifyMe (bulk push notifications) and IYC Dashboard (all commands and features). Throughout our more than 6-year history, If You Can LLC has remained an innovator in Android Protection and Security and provides efficient Android Monitoring and Parental Control Solutions for over 28,000 users worldwide.