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About Us

As an integral part of the Business Class Group, Business Class Asia’s overriding principles are based around integrity, experience, knowledge, discretion and dependability. As Trust & Fiduciary specialists our mission is to ensure our clients grow and protect their wealth & assets for future generations. This takes honesty, transparency and the highest standards of ethics, which in essence equates to working closely with you and your best interests at all times.

Our team of experts have a range of competences and specialist knowledge that is difficult to match. One thing we don’t do is stand still or let changes and developments pass us by. We have an appetite for innovation and perfection. We are continuously updating our knowledge of local and international best practices thus making sure our clients are protected in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner.

Working offshore offers many tax efficient and diverse ways to boost your financial planning. Different tax regimes and unfamiliar regulations may seem intimidating, however with specialist advice and experience expatriates can make the most out of the opportunities,

Rarely do we meet an American that has been offered quality advice with regards to retirement planning in Asia. We have formed alliances with some of the top US attorneys in Asia to help our clients take full advantage of tax treaties with the USA.

We have found ways to shelter Americans from high US taxation through stacking tax treaties all while meeting their reporting requirements from the IRS.

We are one of the few companies outside of the USA that can offer you retirement or investment vehicles outside the US which are 100% IRS compliant, allowing you the ability to restructure your assets without the worry of being heavily taxed while holding PFIC’s.

We also help a lot of foreign investers with international property investments. An area in which we absolutely excel. Business Class Asia believes that we have a property offering second to none. Property should form a part of every client’s portfolio and BCA have a wide range of investment opportunities available. We work with developers and property agents all over the world to bring the best and most innovative options to our clients. A Turnkey property solution, from sourcing to financing, and tenanting your property portfolio.