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Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (Krungsri) officially opened its doors on April 1, 1945. We found immediate public favor, grew rapidly and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on September 26, 1977. Our core philosophy is founded on good governance. Adherence to the highest ethical standards and a steadfast commitment to transparency form the keystone of our business. This is essential considering we are entrusted with the honor of protecting our customers savings and investments. Our steady growth has continued unabated to the present day. As of December 2020, Krungsri had a total registered capital of THB 75,741 million and THB 73,558 million in paid-up capital. Krungsri is Thailand’s fifth largest universal bank in terms of assets, loans and deposits today.

Krungsri has 23 subsidiaries and joint ventures constantly striving to respond the ever-changing customer needs by offering a comprehensive range of universal banking financial products and services to three key target groups: corporates, SMEs and consumers.

We are the leading player in personal loans, credit cards, and auto hire-purchase with market shares of 30%, 16% and 30%, respectively, at end-November 2020. Krungsri also serves in the micro lending segment. Ngern Tid Lor, our joint venture, is the market leader. The company provides microfinance services to under-banked and unbanked segments, which mirror our efforts in improving financial access in the underserved segments and our responsible lending practices and adhering.

In 2013, Krungsri reached key milestone in our history when we became a subsidiary of MUFG Bank, Ltd. (MUFG Bank)*, which is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan’s largest banking group and one of the world’s largest financial groups.

On September 2017, Krungsri was recognized as “A Domestic Systemically Important Bank (D-SIB)” by the Bank of Thailand, playing a key role in driving the country’s economic engines and financial system.

On August 2020, Hattha Kaksekar Limited, Krungsri’s wholly-owned leading deposit-taking microfinance institution in Cambodia, successfully obtained regulatory approvals to operate as a commercial bank under the name Hattha Bank Plc.

The Krungsri brand is centered around simplicity. “Krungsri…Make Life Simple” is the commitment to making the right investments in our business to continuously streamline the banking experience for our customers’ benefit. In addition, Krungsri Group adopted digital innovations to our products and services to boost the customer experience as well as productivity.

Key digital product developments in 2020
• Kept: Under the brand of ‘Kept by krungsri’, the innovative financial management platform has been specially developed under the concept of #small change for BIG FUTURE to make savings simple and achievable, together with easy-to-use features that function as a wallet and savings jars that encourage users to save and enjoy higher interest rates. Saving via Kept is convenient and safe, available anywhere, anytime, befitting the New Normal lifestyle, where financial security becomes even more important and necessary.

• International money transfer via KMA: The new key service feature allows customer to transfer funds to more than 220 destinations worldwide, supporting 15 major currencies, with lower fees and more competitive exchange rates via Krungsri Mobile Application (KMA)

• GO Application by Krungsri Auto: Serving as the gateway to all of its product offerings; Car4Cash, Krungsri Auto PromptStart and Krungsri Auto Broker, as well as lifestyle services from partners, the mobile application provides a myriad of features for both customers and automobile drivers, including loan application, loan payment, privilege redemptions with The 1 on loyalty programs as well as other partnered brands, and booking and repair appointment services with automobile partners.

• Krungsri-LDB Global Transfer: The Bank launched Krungsri-LDB Global Transfer real-time money transfers service offered through Krungri Biz Online (KBOL). The innovation has been initiated to support money transfers between Thailand and Lao PDR, enabling individual and small entrepreneurs to better respond to business and customer needs with more convenience and safer.

Krungsri Group products and services include:
•Deposit services
•Lending services
•International trade and money transfer services
•Bill payment service
•Electronic and mobile banking services
•Exclusive banking service
•Foreign exchange and remittance service
•Investment banking service
•Securities business, custodian and trustee services
•Treasury and related services
•Auto hire purchase
•Personal loans
•Credit cards
•Insurance broker
•Wealth management
•Asset management

AMCHAM Member Since 2008

(*The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ (BTMU) was renamed MUFG Bank on 1 April 2018)

Rep/Contact Info

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Seiichiro Akita
President and Chief Executive Officer
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Pairote Cheunkrut
Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Strategy and Planning Group
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Mingkwan Pattanawong
Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Branding and Marketing Division
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Ekkavee Visitsunthorn
Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Marketing Department