10% Off Your Custom Jewelry Design

Offer Valid: 01/01/2022 - 12/31/2022

Terms and Offers: 10% discount on all custom jewelry designs. Free cleaning and checking of one jewelry item.

If you are based in Thailand and have a personal, custom jewelry project, Spokes Jewelry holds a weekly Jewelry Clinic in Bangkok for the local community. They started The Jewelry Clinic in response to friends and friends of friends, and their friends who needed to know where to go for a custom piece of jewelry or a safe place to repair a treasured item. Since 2011, Spokes Jewelry Services has become a trusted go-to for expats, diplomats, and Thais alike who would like a bespoke item of jewelry made just for them. In a city that’s known for fakes and scams, Emma personally helps to educate people on gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry and certificates. They offer the community:

  • Bespoke design services for engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets
  • Clean & Check service (popular before holiday ball season)
  • Jewelry repair / sizing / plating
  • Jewelry valuation & appraisal

About Spokes Jewelry 

Spokes Jewelry Services is a U.S. Marine Veteran owned and operated American Treaty Company which provides a full-service jewelry production experience. Spokes Jewelry Services uses cutting edge technology to provide the all-around best jewelry quality and to facilitate follow-up to ensure that you feel  they are working together every step of the way.

Spokes Jewelry is a fully capable, in-house jewelry manufacturing facility. They specialize in Gold jewelry with or without diamonds and/or colored gemstones. They cast all shades of gold including yellow, white, rose, and even green gold in different karats. They use only the finest alloys to ensure a long lasting porosity-free finish and have the experience and know-how to extract the very best finished product from each precious metal.

All of their gemstone & diamond setting is done under high-powered setting microscopes. Microscopic setting ensures that they achieve an impeccable, uniform finish. Spokes Jewelry offers a variety of finishes from mirror finish to satin, sandblasted, scratch, hammered, or even tree bark finish. Logos are laser engraved for a deep, crisp finish. Unlike many factories, Spokes Jewelry Services strive to empower emerging and independent designers to succeed. At Spokes, their aim is to provide a one-stop service hub for any and all of their customers’ jewelry needs.

This Affinity Program is promoted by The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.