10% Discount on Beverage for Corporate Offices + free on-tap installation!

Offer Valid: 08/01/2022 - 12/31/2022

Motivate your team with a free installation of an on-tap beverage stationand + 10% member discount on all beverages.
Contact us to arrange a complimentary tasting! (terms apply)

Terms and Conditions ; 
  • Special promotion for AMCHAM members only. 
  • Valid from August 1, 2022- December 31, 2022. 
  • Please reference "AMCHAM" when contacting us
  • Complimentary tasting may be limited based on evaluation of office size
  • For more information please email : order@nitro.co.th or call +66 (0)2 332 2470
Do you cringe when you drink your office coffee? Nitro Labs was established in Bangkok in 2017 as a craft microbrewery aiming to deliver delicious, fun, sustainable, and cost-competitive beverage solutions as a convenient alternative to instant coffee, low quality roasted coffee, or unhealthy RTD products containing milk/sugar to hide off flavors.

Our delicious signature nitro cold brew products - mainly coffees, teas, and other non-caffeinated drinks - are brewed honestly with locally sourced ingredients, with a concentration on a long, slow cold brew formulation that carefully extracts high quality flavors while leaving behind bitter, harsh, or acidic flavors which are known to be hard on your stomach and digestive system.  We offer zero sugar, low sugar, and traditional recipes which are nitrogen-infused for a smooth and creamy texture.

Our products are supplied on a per-order basis in bulk 20-30L kegs (similar to the way you receive large water bottles) to reduce cost and on-site packaging waste, along with an on-tap solution which is easy, convenient, zero investment, and no maintenance for your office.  Our delivered cost/serve model competes with most middle range roasted coffee and imported coffee brands, and is similar or lower in price than most capsule solutions.

About  Nitro Labs Ltd
Nitro Labs is an American-owned and managed craft coffee brewer, specializing in nitro cold brew coffee and tea products (coffee on-tap). We operate a chain of retail stores and also develop custom solutions for third-party retailers interested in serving our products. We trade in brewing and serving equipment related to the cold brew industry, which includes both imported and custom made items.

Our company focuses on premium quality, small batch, slow brewing processes. We also aim to contribute to the continued development of Thailand's coffee culture by building awareness about the industry's evolution and maintaining consciousness about environmental impacts.

This Affinity Program is promoted by The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.