Exclusive Discounts from LightBlue Environmental Consulting

Offer Valid: 04/02/2024 - 12/31/2024
FIT Food Waste Tech

"Get $200 USD Off Yearly Contract with FIT to Fight Food Waste"
  • For those looking to cut on costs, boost their profits, and position themselves as a responsible business in the fight against food waste, take advantage of FIT Food Waste Monitoring Tech and the $200 USD Off Yearly Contract deal.
Validation Period: 31.12.2024

LB Learning Online Course

"Get 20% off our LightBlue Learning Online Course!"
  • Gain access to the E-Masterclass on food waste prevention and acquire new skills & knowledge. Understand the necessary steps, methodologies, and tools required to combat food waste. By taking advantage of the 20% off this masterclass, you can then apply the acquired insights & knowledge into your careers.
Validation Period: 31.12.2024

Becoming an Accredited Consultant

"Take 10% off our Becoming an Accredited Consultant Program!"
  • Take advantage of the 10% off discount for those aspiring to strengthen your business portfolio. Acquire specific knowledge, coupled with robust methodology and actionable tools, to confidently accompany your customers through The PLEDGE™ global certification process.
Validation Period: 31.12.2024

AMCHAM Membership Card 
Please present a picture of your membership card when using the services to receive discounts and privileges; an example of the AMCHAM Membership card is shown below. In order to request a membership card, please email:  membership@amchamthailand.com

About LightBlue Environmental Consulting Company Limited
LightBlue is a UN-awarded Food Waste Prevention Tech and Consultancy organization, reconciling Sustainability with Business Excellence.
Since 2012, we have developed unique skills, technologies, and methodologies to minimize food waste and enhance sustainability in operations. 
We’ve completed over 45 projects for international hotel groups, government agencies, development agencies, universities, business and culinary schools, and restaurant groups, with a presence in 20 countries.

This Affinity Program is promoted by The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.