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Yannix has been a world leader in Visual Effects (VFX) preparation and support services since 1995. Our services leverage an extensive in house research and development team for both computer software and hardware engineering, enabling us to provide unique and sometimes custom solutions to suit the varying needs of each film and television production.

We work on many of Hollywood's biggest movies with services that include:
- Camera and object motion tracking
- Lens distortion reconstruction
- Rotoanimation of articulated characters and other objects
- Actor expression tracking from principal photography
- Simultaneous multi-camera tracking and reconstruction
- Image based set modeling and reconstruction
- Custom LIDAR scanning and surveying
- Extensive experience with various digital and film cameras and formats


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Winimai Kohkiat
Communications & Employee relations Manager
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James P. Noon
Global Client Relations, Marketing and Business Affairs
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Daniel Turner
Executive Producer
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Wirak Winsuth
Chief Executive Manager
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Xye Xye
Founder / Director