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    Sherwin Williams is a global producer of paints and coatings with a rich history of innovation. Since its' founding by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in 1866, the company has taken the lead in service and product advancements. From developing dry chemical pigments, crushable lacquers and synthetic enamels, to being the first paint company to offer an emulsified finish, Sherwin-Williams has continually pushed the envelope of coatings technology.

    Today, the pioneering spirit at Sherwin-Williams lives on with the formulation of new products that are more durable, longer lasting, easier to apply, and friendlier to the environment. As an alternative to traditional solvent-based polymers, the company's technical staff has developed coatings with waterborne and high-solids resins that are VOC-compliant, and exceed application and performance expectations.

    The operating Divisions that comprise the Asia-Pacific Region (Industrial Wood, Automotive Finishes, General Industrial, Packaging, Coil, EPS, and the Protective & Marine Coatings Divisions ) are all part of the Performance Coatings Group within The Sherwin-Williams Company and are actively engaged in selling coatings to customers in China, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian Countries.