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About Us

Osotspa was established in 1891 as a pharmacy with products that focused on tending to the health of Thai people. Approximately two decades later, the company produced a remedy for the treatment of digestive disorders called “Krisnaklan” that effectively treated an outbreak of dysentery among special units of the Thai Army. Osotspa has thrived over the past century, growing with the introduction of innovative products which have evolved according to changing consumer needs, along with organisational advancements and marketing breakthroughs.

Osotspa introduced the first energy drink to Thailand in 1965 under the Lipovitan-D brand from Taisho Pharmaceutical Japan. In 1985, the company developed its own energy drink, M-150, which grew to become the leading energy drink in the country. In addition, Osotspa’s Babi Mild and 12Plus are among the leading personal care products in their respective categories per units sold in Thailand.