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    Mustang Technologies is a systems integrator providing high quality, affordable Marine Fuel Management Solutions to the marine and oil & gas industries.

    Mustang Technologies is an official FuelTrax representative in ASEAN (

    Marine Fuel Management Solutions:
    * Measure - Measure Bunkering, Fuel Consumption and Fuel Tank Inventory Levels (Remaining On Board)
    * Monitor - Remotely Monitor Bunkering, Fuel Consumption and Fuel Tank Inventory
    * Control - Compare Measure Performance against Established Standards and take Corrective Action
    * Manage - Systematically Analyze Collected Data to Reduce Fuel Costs and Increase Operating Efficiency

    Information provided to fleet managers:
    * How much bunker fuel was transferred?
    * How much fuel is Remaining On Board (ROB)
    * Where is my vessel?
    * Is it moving or stopped?
    * How fast is it moving?
    * How much fuel is being consumed?

    * Detect bunkering discrepancies
    * Provide evidence in support of bunkering claims
    * Detect and prevent pilferage of marine fuel
    * Reduce fuel costs

    High Return on Investment (ROI)