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About Us

Indochina Healthcare Ltd. (IHL) is a specialty healthcare company that is focused on helping patients achieve better results through an integrative care approach. Patients and care givers are understandably overwhelmed with diagnosis, especially for cancer care. IHL is championing an integrative care approach to cancer that treats the diagnosis with diagnostics, chemotherapy, surgery, nutrition and other tools while supporting better patient outcomes based on evidenced driven studies.

Cancer is a disease that affects the whole body with many patients experiencing malnutrition, pain, nausea, fatigue and other symptoms that detrimentally affect their overall treatment plan. An integrative approach to healthcare combines conventional treatments (chemotherapy, immunotherapy) and supportive therapies (nutrition, pain management, behavioral support) to improve the patient's health and immune system while undergoing treatment for cancer. IHL's goal is to provide patients and care givers access to supportive care options to help get the best result from treatment.